Office 365 staff email upgrade

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Following on from our announcements last week about the Digital campus improvements and the Launch of OneDrive, we now focus on the next step which will see staff and postgraduate researchers move to using Office 365 email.

What is Office 365 email?

Students have been benefiting from Office 365 email for the last four years. Office 365 has seen many improvements over the last few years. Office 365 email will provide you with a much larger mailbox for your emails and improve your experience when using webmail.

The full benefits of Office 365 email will come later, as the email upgrade will enable other features and benefits of Office 365, such as Groups. Outlook 2016 will be available as part of the optional Windows 10 upgrade (available to install at your convenience from the summer onwards), where even more features will be enabled.


Staff and postgraduate researchers (PGR) email accounts will be upgraded to Office 365 email by department or college. This is currently planned for around Easter 2017. Schedules of departmental upgrades will be published soon. Watch this space!

Public folders – a better way

Public Folders have been used by some departments for shared calendars, contact lists and other activities for a long time. However they are no longer a strategic product for Microsoft. Once they are introduced, Office 365 Groups and other tools will provide superior functionality.

We currently have around 2,000 Public Folders, with the vast majority not actively used. This may represent a significant information assurance risk, which we need to address.

Departments using Public Folders will be contacted to understand how they are currently using them and help will be provided to transition to other tools. We intend that Public Folders will be withdrawn by the end of July 2017.


As part of the University's ongoing initiatives to protect the security of our data, we will no longer be offering access to mail using IMAP by default. IMAP, which allows you to access email through other portals and devices, will only be available to those users who have a genuine business need.

We are already consulting with known users of IMAP, but if you believe that this affects you and we have not been in contact by end of March 2017, you can get in touch using the using the Office 365 staff email upgrade Yammer Group.

IMAP users are likely to have made a conscious decision to use IMAP, so this is not likely to affect you unless you have chosen to use IMAP. More information will be provide shortly.

Find out more

There is an Office 365 staff email upgrade project website, which will give you more information and will be updated over the next few weeks as plans and details are confirmed.

Join the discussion

Have a comment, question or idea? Why not head over to Yammer to share your thoughts. We’ll be discussing the upgrade to Office 365 email in the Digital Campus Improvements group.

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