Have you watched Leicester in Focus yet?

Posted by rmt22 at May 23, 2017 11:45 AM |
A news revolution has arrived, with Leicester in Focus changing the way we connect with our staff.

Leicester in Focus is a fast-paced video news programme, produced by the Division of External Relations, which complements the Insider as a staff communication channel.

The new approach to communication will expand our delivery of relevant and engaging news, features and insights delivered through a modern and accessible platform.

You can watch the premiere episode below.

Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer, Margot Burke said the new format was the evolution of university-wide communications to a more streamlined and modern medium.

She added: “Effective staff communication is vital to a global institution such as Leicester to ensure staff can be informed and also develop a greater understanding of the University as a whole.

“What Leicester in Focus provides is a more effective tool to show, rather than tell, staff important news and information from around the University, and we welcome suggestions for news stories.”

“The programme will feature the ‘need to know’ and the ‘nice to know’ that will help us do our jobs, build a sense of community around a global university, and celebrate our achievements. It is also a demonstration of the in-house video capability of the External Relations team.”

Leicester in Focus will start on a monthly basis for three months and we are keen to receive your feedback. But more importantly, we need you to let us know what’s happening at Leicester that all staff would benefit from knowing.

To suggest information or story ideas please send an email to ERD-requests@le.ac.uk.

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