New student complaints process

Posted by rmt22 at Oct 02, 2018 02:49 PM |
An updated Student Complaints framework has been introduced for this academic year.

The framework has been developed in consultation with colleagues from across corporate services and academic departments. It ensures that all students will be able to submit feedback, raise concerns and/or complain through a single, consistent, university-wide system.

The updated complaints procedure is intended to be simple to understand and easy for students to navigate. It ensures that students have the opportunity to provide feedback or raise concerns at a local level prior to submitting a complaint.

Student complaints procedure

The framework includes consistent web-pages for each department and service that provide students with information on how complaints will be handled. It recognises that students should be able to raise concerns through a number of channels and that all staff will listen and work with the student and colleagues to try to resolve those concerns in a reasonable and quick way.

Training sessions are planned for staff involved in managing complaints to improve the consistency and quality of complaint handling and ensure staff feel properly equipped to deal with complaints. There is a new and straightforward recording system to allow colleagues to analyse themes and remedies at all stages.

Take a look at the updated procedure on our website to find out more.

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