New guide on communicating animal research

Posted by rmt22 at Mar 01, 2016 10:27 AM |
The University has played an important role in devising a new national guide on communicating animal research.

Understanding Animal Research has been working on a communications guide on animal research designed for staff at universities and other research institutions. The University's News Centre worked closely with UAR to develop the guide.

The guide is designed to support staff at universities and other research institutions to communicate and respond to questions about their animal research. Research institutions actively communicate with press, public and with their own staff and students on a daily basis. It is important that they can explain how and why they use public and private money to fund animal studies. By showcasing examples of exemplary communication surrounding animal research, by a range of institutions in many different contexts, we hope to give institutions the confidence to speak honestly and accurately about the research they conduct and fund.

The guide comes in three sections:

  • Being Prepared – all the things an institution can do in advance to help in advance of any enquiries by journalists, activists and the public
  • How to Respond – how an institution might wish to respond to enquiries by journalists, activists and the public
  • Opportunities to do more – how an institution could go above and beyond to find new ways to communicate with journalists, the public and other stakeholders

The University also recently won a national award for its work on communicating animal research.

The guide is available to University of Leicester staff only via the following site (password required).

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