Muslims in blood donation drive

Posted by crm28 at Feb 09, 2017 10:26 AM |
Muslims from the University of Leicester will be participating in a blood donation drive this Friday.

Staff taking part in Friday prayers in the Charles Wilson Sports Hall on Friday 17 February will be encouraged to give blood.

“The NHS blood team will come in during our Friday prayers at 1:15pm” said Tasleem Patel from the Student Union’s Islamic Society. “Before the prayer, there will be a short mention of the blood donation to encourage people to sign up. Those who have already signed up via can book their appointments to donate”.

The Islamic Society's commitment to bolster blood donations from the University's Muslim community will be welcomed by the healthcare profession as the NHS is keen to increase blood donations from people of BAME origins and diversify the blood bank. "Some patients who receive frequent blood transfusions need blood to be closely matched to their own, and the best match typically comes from blood donors from the same ethnic background" states the NHS website.

Tasleem added: “Helping humanity is part of our faith and individuals feel honoured to be able to support the blood donation service”.

Click here for more information about the NHS Blood and Transplant Service.

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