Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the commonly asked questions concerning the relocation of Vaughan College teaching

If you have further questions that are not addressed here, you can submit a question to the Vaughan College Transfer Steering Group.

Will any teaching activity be cancelled or rescheduled?

We will take steps to ensure that no teaching is cancelled as a consequence of the move.  We will look to relocate any pre-scheduled teaching to a suitable location on the Main Campus, seeking to ensure the least possible disruption to students and teaching staff.

Will events/open evenings still continue?

Over the summer period we will be actively recruiting to courses for the Autumn Term as normal.  Open evenings and events will go ahead as planned, but will be held on the Main Campus rather than at the Vaughan College site.  Details of these will be displayed on the LILL website.

What are the improvements and advantages

The University is committed to continuing its adult education provision and to build on the long-established Vaughan tradition. This means continuing to acknowledge, respect and address the specific needs of adult learners, some of whose confidence needs to be built to enable them to take their full place in University life, and to feel that the main campus is ‘theirs’. By transferring adult education activities to the main University site, adult learners will be able to experience campus benefits currently enjoyed by all other students, including library, Student Union, teaching and social space.

Where will staff/students be moved to?

The staff office space will be provided at 128 Regent Road or 14 Salisbury Road, which is where the existing Lifelong Learning offices are based. Main site teaching spaces off University Road will be allocated through the timetabling system and every effort will be made to keep as much of the Vaughan Centre activities co-located as possible.

There will be a dedicated reception area at 128 Regent Road, which will become the main administrative hub of the Institute of Lifelong Learning's activity. A seminar room will also be retained there for small group sessions.

When will the move take place?

A programme for the move is being developed in order to help ensure that LILL programmes for the new Academic Year starting in September 2013 begin on the main University campus.

Where will students now have their lectures/seminars/workshops?

Most teaching will take place on the Main University Campus, so that students can benefit from the Library, Students Union and other campus facilities.  Some small group teaching can also be scheduled in the bookable Seminar Room at 128 Regent Rd.

Timetabling of classes is currently being worked out alongside requirements for all other teaching.  Information concerning teaching schedules will be made available to students and staff via the Institute of Lifelong Learning  in due course.

Where are the teaching and reception facilities?

We are endeavouring to locate evening teaching sessions as close to the David Wilson Library as possible. Reception facilities (e.g. for the receipt of student work) will be at 128 Regent Road. This will be the main administrative hub for all LILL courses.

What facilities can I access on main campus?

Students on  award-bearing LILL programmes will continue to have full access to all University of Leicester facilities. Current LILL students on award-bearing courses already have such full access -the change of location simply  facilitates access.

How have students been consulted about the move?

Discussions about the transfer of Vaughan have been under consideration for a number of years. Students have now been informed of the transfer. A number of pilot sessions of LILL modules on main campus took place during 2011-12 and the insights from those experiments are being used in the allocation of teaching space for 2013-14.

Will any courses be cancelled as a result of the move?

We will take steps to ensure that no teaching is cancelled as a consequence of the move. We are hoping that the move to the main campus might enhance recruitment onto Institute of Lifelong Learning courses. Should any proposed programmes not run in 2013-14 this will only be because of insufficient recruitment, not because of the move.

What will you do with the building?

The building, once vacated, will be put up for sale.

Why does the building not meet the current function?

A survey of the building has revealed the need for significant repair costs in addition to the ongoing costs of providing a service at a city centre site. These costs are currently being partly met by fee-paying students on main site. The University has also wrestled for some time with the question of whether to upgrade the teaching accommodation at Vaughan College, whilst knowing that higher quality teaching space was available on the main campus. Facilities which can be used for the University’s adult education provision thus already exist on the main campus where other forms of education are already accommodated and transferring adult education to main site is therefore both necessary and desirable to ensure an equivalent experience for all students.

Is the building unsafe?

No. A review of the University’s Estate Strategy indicates that the building does not meet the needs of the current function – this can be better achieved on the main campus.

What will happen to the Vaughan College Library stock?

All titles from the Vaughan College library of which there were no copies at the David Wilson Library have been moved to the DWL. In addition to this, heavily used titles, titles in active use in recent years and all recent acquisitions have also been moved. This includes volumes purchased with donations from the Leicester Adult School Union.

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