Relocation of Vaughan College teaching to main campus

Vaughan College City Centre siteThe University has announced that it will transfer all adult education provision from its current Vaughan College site to the main campus.

This will mean that the activities of the Institute of Lifelong Learning currently delivered at Vaughan College will be relocated and the building housing its activities in the city centre will cease to be a University of Leicester teaching centre. Under the new plans to be implemented from the start of the academic year, all adult education provision will be undertaken at the University’s central and north campuses.  This will allow our students easier access to the award-winning Students’ Union, Library facilities as well as other campus amenities.

A review of the University’s Estate Strategy indicates that the building in St Nicholas Circle, where Vaughan teaching currently takes place, does not meet the needs of the current function – this can be better achieved on main campus and would be in keeping with the University’s commitment to enhance the student experience by providing access to the breadth of facilities on the main site.

Meetings have already taken place with staff at Vaughan College to discuss the move in greater detail. There are also plans discuss the move with other groups that use the facilities.

Here you can find background information on the relocation, answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the plans, and updates on the progress of the move.

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