Menopause... removing the taboo

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Menopause affects all women and we are going to become the first University to discuss, tackle and prepare for it.

Did you know that the changing age of our colleagues means that between 75-80% of menopausal age women are in work? All women will go through menopause, it is a natural life-stage which some women sail through but for others, it's not always an easy transition. With the right support, it can be much better.

Research by our own School of Business formed a recent report for the Government Equalities Office which demonstrates the importance of talking about menopause openly and supporting women progressing onto the next chapter of their lives. As important as it is to be open about these issues, our research also shows that the majority of women are unwilling to discuss menopause related health problems with their line managers, or ask for the support or adjustments that they need.

Here at the University of Leicester, we are passionate about equality and creating an environment where everyone, regardless of gender or stage of life, can flourish. Our role as a HeForShe 10x10x10 Champion is evocative of an institution which is committed to transparent discussion around gender equality and this means putting into practice our own research and removing any taboo around menopause.

What we want

We want everyone to be able to talk about menopause openly and without embarrassment. This is not an issue solely for women, men should be aware too so that they can support colleagues, students, friends and family.

We want women with menopause symptoms to feel confident to discuss it and ask for support, if it is needed, so that they can continue to be successful in their roles and enjoy the right life-work balance.

We want leaders to know more about menopause, be clear on our policy and feel confident to have conversations with their teams.


So what are we doing?

We're working on a new menopause policy to support anyone affected and provide guidance to managers. We are also raising awareness about menopause and breaking down the taboos associated with it.

To get the conversation started, we're holding a special menopause event on the Thursday 12 October 2017 which will take place between 2.00pm – 5.00pm in the Belvoir City Lounge on the second floor of the Charles Wilson Building. Come along to hear from a range of speakers, chat with colleagues and discover more about menopause and how we can support each other. We will be providing information about the possible symptoms and what you can do to help others and remove the taboo.

Space is limited so be sure to reserve your place early!

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