Mac OS security update

Posted by rmt22 at Dec 01, 2017 11:44 AM |
The latest version of macOS (High Sierra) has a significant security issue and we're giving some advice on how to make sure you're secure.

Until the latest patches for High Sierra are installed there is a risk that unpatched devices may permit unauthenticated individuals to easily obtain administrator level access, in some circumstances remotely.

Until the update is applied to your personally owned MacOS High Sierra devices, you must not store or access University data that is classified as requiring a higher data security level than Public by the University. You must also not use your University IT Account and password on these devices.

Take a look at more information about our Universities data classification model.

You can find out if your macOS device is running High Sierra by following the instructions provided by Apple.

You can find the update available from Apple and how to install the update.

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