Leverhulme lecture: ‘The Boat is Full’ - change of time

Posted by rmt22 at Sep 24, 2018 12:35 PM |
German political, humanitarian, and discursive responses to refugee crises during the Cambodian and Bosnian genocides

On 3 October we welcome Professor Andrew Port (Wayne State University/Nottingham Trent University Visiting Leverhulme Professor) to talk reactions to the Cambodian and Bosnian genocides, and how these reactions relate to the wider process of Germany coming to terms with its Nazi past.

Professor Port's lecture is drawn from his current research project "What Germans Talk About When They Talk About Genocide”, which looks at German reactions to genocide in other parts of the world after the Holocaust, with a special focus on Cambodia, Rwanda, and Bosnia.

This free Leverhulme lecture, organised by the Stanley Burton Centre in cooperation with Nottingham Trent University, is open to graduates, students, staff and members of the public. The lecture takes place at 6pm on Wednesday 3 October, in Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1.

No booking is required - for more information please contact: Dr Paul Moore on 0116 252 2816 or email pm294@le.ac.uk.

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