Leicester at Mars (to)Day

Posted by rmt22 at Nov 26, 2018 08:55 AM |
Come along to the Digital Reading Room to find out more about the mission to find life on Mars.

From 11am-3pm we are holding a Leicester at Mars day in the Digital Reading Room of the library. Later today the NASA Insight lander will attempt to land on Mars, part of a wide international effort to explore the red planet by robots, orbiters, and ultimately humans.

To mark this important step, PhD students and Mars researchers from the Department of Physics and Astronomy will show some of their work. This includes martian meteorite samples, a demonstration of how we operate the Curiosity rover on Mars, high resolution and stereo views of the selected ExoMars landing site and other areas on Mars, and instruments we are designing to send to Mars.

Come along to the digital touchtable and see what Leicester University is doing on Mars.

@LeicsPlanets, @PhysicsUoL

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