Lecture capture – leading the way

Posted by rmt22 at Oct 18, 2017 09:05 AM |
Take a look at some of the insights ‘captured’ at a recent conference.

In September we held a one day event focused on our roll-out of the Reflect lecture capture system allowing us to discuss what we have learnt with Universities from across the UK.

The conference was led by our Leicester Learning Institute (LLI) and aimed to be an open and honest exploration of the use of lecture capture across the sector, focused on what works right now.

Around 80 visitors from more than 50 institutions came to share their experiences. This wasn’t a pure academic discussion though as attendees also included AV and IT specialists, students, educational developers, who were all able to provide unique insights into large-scale management of lecture capture.

The delegates discussed a wide range of topics, many of which we have grappled with ourselves at the University of Leicester, whether it was the need for opt-out policies (and the subsequent debates over who owns the content of lectures), student attendance as a result of introducing lecture capture, automation and integration, and the nature of student-as-consumer with students feeling they need to attend lectures to get ‘value for money’.

Dr Frances Deepwell, Director of the LLI said: “All of us at the conference left with some new ideas, new contacts, and above all a renewed drive to make the very best use of our respective investments into lecture capture.”

You can read a round-up of the conference on the LLI blog, along with delving deeper into two of the key topics: whether to choose an opt-in or out model, and student attendance and engagement.

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