Labour of love or self-exploitation? What we make of academic work

Posted by rmt22 at Jan 19, 2016 10:50 AM |
On Friday 5 February we welcome two guest speakers for a lunchtime seminar looking at and reflect upon the personal experience of academic work.

Academic work offers many positives including pursuing one’s own interests and motivations, autonomy and flexibility. However, academic work is also prone to self-exploitation, and accounts of over-work, irrational expectations and increased managerialism are becoming more frequent.

For better or worse, academic work centres on the individual academic. Both plaudit and pressure are taken personally.

This personal experience and the questions it asks of us – How do we want to work? How can we achieve that work? What example do we set for others? – has been at the centre of reflections by Professor Karen Boyle of the University of Stirling and Dr Catherine Johnson of the University of Nottingham.

In this lunchtime seminar, organised by the University of Leicester Women’s Forum, Professor Boyle and Dr Johnson will share their thoughts with us and invite our own reflections on what we make of academic work.

The seminar will be held on Friday 5 February from 12noon-2pm in the  Charles Wilson Building, Second Floor, Belvoir Park Lounge.

Attendance is free and open to all University staff but spaces are limited. Please register to attend by 1 February 2016 by emailing

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