Kurdistan International Studies Unit Annual Symposium

Posted by rmt22 at Mar 10, 2017 01:31 PM |
A new unit which focuses on institutionalised research in the field of Kurdish Studies, politics and International Relations will officially launch at its first annual symposium.

The Unit has been set up by Director Marianna Charountaki and this symposium follows a number of high profile recent lectures focusing on the role of Kurds in the Middle East and beyond which have raised the profile of this area of study.

The symposium, which is being held on Thursday 16 March, is open to all graduates, students, staff and members of the public.

Dedicated to the victims of Halabja, part of the Anfal Genocide (16 March 1988), this History, Politics and International Relations event brings together scholars to share and highlight research on Kurdish and Middle Eastern Affairs.

A plenary lecture will be held in the Peter Williams Theatre (9–10am), followed by a series of focused workshops in the morning and afternoon on a large selection of topical issues, including:

  • The Middle East and Kurdish Geopolitics
  • Political Economy, Sustainability and Development
  • Archaeology, History, Cultural and Language Heritage
  • Migration, Diaspora, Social Movements
  • Conflict Resolution

To register please email KISU@leicester.ac.uk.

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