Jim Al-Khalili, "Written in the Stars: how to live happily in a deterministic universe"

Posted by rmt22 at Jan 03, 2018 01:50 PM |
We welcome celebrated Physicist and BBC star Professor Jim al-Khalili to campus for the Institute of Physics Annual Prestige Lecture.

Is our future preordained? On Tuesday 16 January we are proud to host the Institute of Physics Annual Prestige Lecture where Professor Jim al-Khalili will take a whistle-stop tour of modern physics and ask whether the future is knowable.

With ongoing discussions between neuroscientists and philosophers on the existence, or not, of free will, and with so many people, even in the so-called ‘enlightened’ West, still believing that their fate is somehow linked to the movements of the stars and planets, what does modern physics have to say on the matter of determinism and chance?

Jim will describe how our views have changed on the subject over the centuries emcompassing Newton, Einstein, four-dimensional spacetime and quantum mechanics.

His final conclusion might shock and disturb, but it shows that this subject is still as fascinating and infuriating as ever.

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