Jewish holocaust survivors and their rescuers are focus of Stanley Burton Centre’s annual Aubrey Newman Lecture.

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The University’s Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies has announced its annual free public Aubrey Newman lecture.

What social and cultural challenges did rescuers of Jews face in Poland, during the war and in the early post-war period? How did the rescuers perceive themselves, their wartime rescue actions, and their status within their local communities? This year’s Aubrey Newman Lecture discusses these questions and examines how Polish historians dealt with the topic of rescuers before and after their country’s political transformation in 1989.

Delivered by Dr Joanna Beata Michlic (UCL), ‘What We Do Not Talk About: Jewish Survivors and their Rescuers in Poland during the Holocaust’ takes place on Tuesday 7 November 2017 in Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 2. Beginning at 5.30pm, Dr Michlic will consider new approaches to the history of rescuers and call for a new approach to paint a sophisticated, nuanced and comprehensive portrayal of rescuers that avoids the more 'black and white' ideological approaches of the past.

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