Internal Communications Guidelines

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In order to help you get the most out of our communications channels we have launched a new set of guidelines.

In autumn 2015 we spent time surveying staff and students on their communications wants and needs. The staff survey held earlier this year gave further insight into communication at the University which was recently responded to with a further set of actions.

Internal Communications Guidelines

One of these actions was the creation of a set of Internal Communication Guidelines, which aimed to set out a framework of best practice guidelines, some tips and insight into making the most of communication at the University including the use of our suite of communication tools (email, social media, website etc), and advice on planning ongoing campaigns.

These guidelines have been subject to much discussion with and input from Heads of Department, Operational Managers, the Students’ Union, Marketing and Communications and colleagues on Yammer. They have now been completed and can be read on the website here (PDF). We would like to thank everyone who gave their input into these, we weren’t able to include every single suggestion in order to keep them at a usable length, but your feedback was crucial in bringing them to fruition.

Communications Champions

Another initiative, which is intrinsically linked to and will help drive the success of these guidelines is to begin setting up a network of Communications Champions (proposal on the website here (PDF). These would generally be people who are already ‘doing’ communications in their areas, who can assist us with messages going out to staff and students and who can also feed staff views into us.

We hope that the guidelines are useful. We are continuing to work to improve Internal Communications at the University and will update you with major developments as they occur.

You can find the Guidelines, reports, Communications Champions Proposal and other information on the revamped Internal Communications website.

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