Improvements to the Fielding Johnson Building: entrance now closed

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We are pleased to advise that over the summer break, we will be refurbishing the reception area of the Fielding Johnson Building.

The Fielding Johnson Building is the home of our senior leadership team and Student Registry and for many visitors it is the face of the University. This is the first place that visitors, students and important VIPs see on arrival at the University, and we need to ensure that it projects an image of an ambitious, professional and modern university.

For a long time now, the reception area has been in need of modernisation. We also need to ensure that we are catering for all our users, as the reception area is currently unsuitable for people with disabilities.

The improvements comprise a refurbishment of the main entrance and reception area, replacement of the main doors, improvements to the stairs up to the first floor and second floor lobbies, Vice-Chancellor’s office and washrooms on the first floor.

We will create a welcoming and modern entrance for staff, and visitors and will provide a much improved experience for students using Student Academic Services.

Work on the reception area will begin on 29 June. During this time the main entrance to the building and the main stairwell up to the second floor will be closed. The Reception will be temporarily relocated to the side of the building adjacent to the School of Law and the door will be open to everyone during normal working hours. Access to the Council Chamber and Haldane Room will be via the first floor Law corridor.

Staff who are directly affected by the work have already been informed, and signage will be displayed showing alternative entrances for anyone visiting offices or areas within Fielding Johnson and for students visiting Student Academic Services and Admissions offices.

Fielding Johnson alternate entrance v2

The works are expected to take around 11 weeks, to be completed before the start of term in September.

Full plans are available on the website, and if you have any further queries regarding the works, please contact

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