Goodbye DLHE, hello Graduate Outcomes

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A new approach to measuring graduate employability is on its way. Find out more here.

The careers of graduates and the paths followed after leaving higher education have long been of interest to the UK HE sector, which has organised the collection and distribution of statistics about the ‘first destinations’ of graduates for many decades.

While the interest in graduate careers remains as strong as ever, there is change afoot in how and when these important outcomes are measured.

The annual DLHE survey, undertaken six-months after completion of studies, is to be discontinued. Graduates from the class of 2017 will be the last ever ‘DLHE cohort’, ending a long-standing statistical series.

In its place, the sector is introducing the Graduate Outcomes collection, which will survey graduates at 15 months after graduation. This later survey point, by allowing more time for graduates to transition into their post-study activities, is expected to provide a truer reflection of graduates’ career paths and establish parity across graduates from different courses (e.g. by recognising that arts graduates may spend time developing their portfolio before entering paid employment).

By including ‘graduate voice’ questions, the Graduate Outcomes survey will also provide new insight into the value that graduates place on the activities they are engaged in, as well as familiar facts about employment and earnings. These new ‘graduate voice’ measures will bring a new dimension to how the sector understands graduate success.

University of Leicester students graduating in January 2018 will be amongst the first to be invited to take part in the Graduate Outcomes survey. University staff can help by keeping good contact details for students and promoting the survey to them.

Further information about the Graduate Outcomes survey, including an interactive mock-up of the new survey form, is available on the HESA website.

The Career Development Service (CDS) is co-ordinating the local elements of survey administration. Please direct any queries to Jay Hardman, Destinations and Information Manager in the first instance.

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