Geology Professor awarded prestigious media fellowship

Posted by crm28 at Jul 26, 2017 12:15 PM |
British Science Association's Media Fellowship has been awarded to Professor Sarah Gabbott.

Professor Sarah Gabbott, Professor of Palaeobiology in the University's Department of Geology, has been awarded a Media Fellowship by the British Science Association.

10 Media Fellowships are awarded by the British Science Association every year and they allow academics to take a secondment and work at major media outlets. Professor Gabbott was selected by the BBC and will spend her summer working at the BBC's Science Newsdesk.

Professor Gabbott will share her expertise with BBC staff and will contribute to the BBC's radio, television and online output. Journalists at the BBC will also mentor Sarah and advise her about how the media operates and reports on science, how to communicate with the media, and how the media and universities can work together in order to engage the wider public with science.

  • You can learn more about the British Science Association's Media Fellowships, and apply for one yourself, on the BSA's website.

Congratulations Sarah from all your colleagues at the University!

Articles written by Sarah for the BBC include:

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