Gender Pay Gap report

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We have just released the 2018 Gender Pay Gap report for the University. Read more to find out where we are and the actions we are taking to address the gender pay gap.

Last year we released the first ever Gender Pay Gap report for the University. The report showed that, like much of the higher education sector, there was a significant Gender Pay Gap at the University of Leicester. The article below aims to give the highlights of this report.

Gender Pay Gap report 2018

Equal Pay: Means that men and women in the same employment performing equal work must receive equal pay (Equal Pay Act 1970)

Gender Pay Gap: The difference between women’s and men’s average earnings across an organisation or labour market

As for many organisations, key determinants of the gender pay gap at the University include the absence of a gender balance across job categories (horizontally) and through the different pay grades (vertically). Deep and sustainable change is needed to challenge ingrained occupational segregation patterns and to close the sector’s gender pay gaps.

Change is needed to organisational cultures, to recruitment, pay and reward practices, to systems to support diverse worklife patterns, and to progression and development. The University of Leicester has active initiatives in all of these areas. We have put in place a range of actions at the University of Leicester to close our gender pay gap and to build an inclusive and fair working environment.

What is our Gender pay gap?

Mean gender pay gap 2018: 23.1% improved from 24.1% in 2017

Median gender pay gap 2018: 19% improved from 22.7% in 2017

Why do we have a gap?

Women are overrepresented in lower paid roles and underrepresented in both higher paid roles and at higher grades as shown in this graph.

Gender Pay Gap

Why can’t we make pay awards to even things out?

While this might seem like an ‘easy’ way to fix the problem, it would not address the wider issues which lead to the sector’s gender pay gap or address inequality of opportunity.

So, what are we doing?

  • Developing women’s leadership skills by furthering our commitment to women-only leadership programmes, which we have traditionally channelled through the Aurora Leadership Programme, with the introduction of our own in-house Women Leading with Purpose Programme. Embedding Athena SWAN principles and practices across the University, recognised by the award in 2018 of an Athena SWAN institutional Silver Award.
  • Raising awareness by mandating all staff to complete both an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion module and a Challenging Unconscious Bias modules.
  • Reinforcing our transformational approach to academic career progression and promotion, created through the Leicester Academic Career Map. Offering networking and support opportunities through our Women’s Forum and Carer and Parents Network
  • Supporting women by targeting our Coaching and Mentoring Academy at vital organisation-wide initiatives, e.g. working with members of staff affected by the menopause, and supporting returners.

Find out more

Take a look at the full Gender Pay Gap report. You can also see the notes and presentation from a session held by Director of HR Kate Bradley on Yammer.

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