GDPR – Privacy Notices: Being clear on how you manage people's data

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The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force in may, find out more about how we're preparing for them.

Letting people know how we manage their data is a key aspect of the GDPR. This information is typically found in a privacy notice which should clearly explain to individuals exactly how we intend to use their data. Privacy notices are needed every time you collect data from individuals.

Privacy notices will vary based on the reason that you are processing personal data but they all need to include a number of key things:

  • What information is being collected
  • Why is the data being collected
  • How will the data be used
  • What is the legal basis for processing the data
  • Who the data is being shared with
  • How long the data will be kept for
  • What are the individual’s rights relating to the data

You will also need to include information about who will be responsible for the data (the data controller), their contact details, and how individuals can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if necessary.

We've created a quick guide on privacy notices on our GDRP pages to explain the key concepts that staff need to be aware of when creating and reviewing a privacy notice. This guidance also features a template that staff can use to create a privacy notice from scratch.

Further information

Everyone can play their part in preparing for the GDPR. Please read our guide on the simple things that everyone can start Doing to help prepare for GDPR on our GDRP pages.

Don’t forget to complete the University’s mandatory e-learning on information security which can be accessed via Blackboard here

GDPR Drop in surgeries are also being run on the following dates, please come along with a question about GDPR:

  • Wednesday 14 March 11am-12noon
  • Tuesday 27 March 2-3pm
  • Tuesday 10 April 11am-12noon
  • Wednesday 25 April 11am-12noon
  • Thursday 10 May 11am-12noon
  • Friday 18 May 11am-12noon

(Please note these are short surgeries to ask questions not a formal training course).

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