Food for Thought: Risk Management

Posted by ac652 at Jun 06, 2016 03:05 PM |
Next Food for Thought lunchtime session on Thursday 16 June to explore on risk management at the University.

In this month's Food for Thought lunchtime session taking place on Thursday 16 June, Nick Cooper from the Planning Office will explore how risk affects us at the University, and how we manage it.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Key areas of risk for the University
  • Examples of our main risks at an institutional level
  • What is the University's appetite for risk?
  • How risk management functions on a formal basis
  • How risks are described and classified
  • The relationship between risk management and business continuity
  • How risks can change over time
  • To manage, react or anticipate?
  • When things go wrong

The lunchtime session will take place on Thursday 16 June, 12.30-1.30pm in Ken Edwards Ground Floor Lecture Theatre 3. Book your place at the talk now, and then get involved in the post-event discussion on Yammer.

Food For Thought is a monthly lunchtime talk, open to all staff. The talks are an opportunity for you to come and hear about a range of topics from across the institution, broaden your own knowledge and meet colleagues from around the University. They aim to get staff thinking about areas of the University that they may not be familiar with, and shed light on some of our more complex areas.

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