Fire in Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building

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In the early hours of Saturday morning, a fire broke out in a lab on the second floor of the Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a fire broke out in a lab on the second floor of the Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building,

The lab was damaged by fire and the vicinity affected by smoke and water damage. The fire was dealt with by the fire service within minutes.

Thankfully no one was hurt, although the Lab (230/231) was damaged by fire and there has been smoke and water damage over a wider area.

We are very pleased to be able to confirm that, thanks to ongoing progress with the fire recovery plan, the Maurice Shock Building can now be accessed as normal between 8am and 6pm (and out of hours for swipe card holders). This also applies to the bridges between the MSB and the Henry Wellcome Building, the Hodgkin Building and the Adrian.

A small section of the building remains closed for the time-being. This is the area directly affected by the fire and the surrounding area. This includes:

  • Offices: MSB 232 to 238 inclusive
  • Lab 230/231 and 231A
  • 229
  • 229A and 229B
  • Labs 227 and 228
  • The corridor adjoining the directly affected area (i.e. the one running parallel to Lancaster Road)

Please can you continue to help us by not trying to access these areas as this could cause delays to the recovery operation.

Due to the progress already made, we have decided that it is no longer necessary for an operational Estates/Insurance hub to be physically based in the building. However, as before, if you have any questions or issues relating to cleaning, maintenance and insurance relating to the fire please continue to email or as appropriate.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, which have helped considerably with the recovery work already achieved.

The Dean of Medicine and  Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology at the University of Leicester has praised Leicester Fire and Rescue Service’s quick action in controlling the fire.

Professor Philip Baker said: “I would like to thank and commend the fire service for their excellent response. Their professionalism and expertise contained the fire to a lab in the medical sciences building which means the vast majority of the building should still be accessible from next week. “Had it not been for the swift action of the fire service, the situation could have been a lot worse.”

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