Engineering Building roof project and pedestrian safety

Posted by rmt22 at Apr 11, 2016 02:19 PM |
To ensure the safety of everyone on campus we are asking staff and students to adhere to a few guidelines while works are going on around the Engineering building.

Our campus is a busy and vibrant place with pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles all seeking to get to their respective destinations. While we aim to prioritise pedestrians we ask that you be aware that there are many areas where vehicles can and will take priority.

The addition of contractor vehicles associated with the refurbishment of the Engineering Building roof at the heart of our campus and who may not be familiar with the campus means we seek your increased understanding, cooperation and vigilance.

Contractors have been asked to adhere to campus speed limits, give way at pedestrian crossings and try and sequence their activities at quieter parts of the day however we do need you also play part and ensure that you:

  • Give vehicles plenty of room to manoeuvre in and around this area
  • Follow any instructions given by the contractor’s staff while they guide or direct vehicles
  • Wait if asked to do so. Even if you’re running late for a meeting or lecture it’s better to arrive late than be involved in an incident
  • Don’t try and squeeze between moving/reversing vehicles (be they lorries or forklifts), the driver may not be able to see you, slow down or stop
  • Use the covered pavement provided rather than the road

With your help we can ensure the campus remains a safe and welcoming environment for us all.

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