Enable tomorrow’s adults by becoming a School Governor

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Do you have some spare time to make positive contribution to the success of our schools?

Leicester City Council are looking to recruit new Governors for our local schools and we would like to encourage our staff to put themselves forward.

What is a governor?

Each school has a governing body of five or more governors who work together to monitor, direct and enhance the existing operations within the school.

Why should I apply?

As a Governor, you will gain experience in a variety of tasks; from financial planning to management and recruitment. You will work as part of a diverse team and have an impact on the lives of the pupils, staff and local community. You will also get the chance to attend training sessions to further develop your skills.

Mike Simpson, who works in our External Relations Division, is a Governor at Samworth Academy, he said: “Being a Governor is a rewarding way of contributing to the community, whether or not you’re a parent. You don’t need any detailed knowledge of the education sector; as a Governor part of my role is simply to ask ‘What is this?’ or ‘Why is that?’ at meetings. That said, any specialist knowledge you can bring, in areas such as finance or health and safety, is valuable – but the main requirement is enthusiasm.”

How much time do I need to volunteer?

You will need to volunteer approximately six hours of your time each month and attend meetings at least three times a year. You will also need to visit the school at least once a year to speak to pupils, staff and parents.

Thanks to our Staff Volunteering policy, we are able to give you paid volunteering leave of to two equivalent working days per annum in order to do this. You can find out more about the policy on our webpages.

Do you think you could be a great School Governor? Then call the Council’s Governor Services Team on 0116 454 1916 or email education.governor.services@leicester.gov.uk. You can also look at the Council's website to find out more.

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