Do you really know what your suppliers should be doing?

Posted by rmt22 at Mar 14, 2016 10:32 AM |
Are you responsible for dealing with one of the University’s suppliers? Are you the Contract Manager?

If so, do you know the specific requirements set down in the contract, the scope and standards of the goods or service to be delivered, the price to be paid, and the measures that can be taken if the supplier performs badly?

If you are unable to answer with a confident YES to all of these questions, then help is at hand. For some time now the Procurement Unit has been running its Effective Contract Management training session for those individuals nominated as Contract Managers by their Head of Department. The brief 90 minute session explains what good contract management looks like; covering its various elements, including performance, relationship and risk management.

Further support is now available in the shape of the Contract Summary template, linked at the bottom of the Forms and Templates page of the Procurement section of the intranet. The purpose of this template is to distil the most important elements of the contract into a short, easy-reference document, to be used by the Contract Manager, including when organising review meetings with the supplier.

The Contract Summary template includes:

  • High-level contract details, including expiry date and any options to extend
  • Supplier contact details
  • Key stakeholders, including tender evaluation panellists
  • Key deliverables
  • Payment terms
  • Key Performance Indicators and any associated penalties
  • Required insurance levels and the supplier’s renewal dates
  • Contract-specific risks, e.g. information security
  • Provisions for changing the contract
  • Dispute resolution procedure
  • Provisions for ending the contract

The Category Managers within the Procurement Unit now populate the Contract Summary template for all contracts they tender with a value of over £100,000. This is then handed to the Contract Manager at the conclusion of the tender exercise, when the contract is awarded. However, they can also support you in retrospectively populating the template for contracts already in place.

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