Digital Campus: New staff intranet – shaped by you

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As we continue to work on a solution for staff communications based on Office 365, we wanted to share the story of how your involvement has informed the development.

When the Internal Communications function was introduced in April 2015, it was soon apparent we needed to do something about the staff webpage. It is not fit for purpose, and other than Insider driving people to specific announcements, it was very difficult to navigate.

Staff feedback

We surveyed staff to find out how they got their information. The overriding answers were from Insider and the University website. The website as a whole had been arranged to mirror the structure of the University. One quote stood out from the rest amongst staff and student feedback:

“Don’t make me navigate your organisation”


Based on the research we have carried out (login required) over the past two years, it is clear that staff wanted to see a website which reflected and helped them go about their day-to-day jobs. You told us you wanted it to:

  • Be easily searchable
  • Allow social interactivity
  • Enable you to work together
  • Break down the silos between your respective areas
  • Be a single feed for University news, not the six that currently sit on the staff pages.
  • Allow more two-way dialogue

In summer 2016, we put together a new structure for a staff website which is service-led rather than structure-led (log-in required). We tested this with staff drawn randomly from across the University to arrive at a new structure which will work for us.

  • This structure, alongside the tools offered through Office 365 will help to solve many of these issues
  • Office 365 has a very powerful and robust search engine, which will be a huge improvement on the current experience of using search
  • We introduced Yammer as a means of social interactivity and a way to get two-way feedback on changes at the University. Office 365 allows much greater integration of this within the intranet, allowing comments or staff surveys
  • Office 365 Groups, which are in their pilot stage, are an incredibly powerful and useful collaborative tool, enabling staff to work together across departments

Get involved in the conversation

Just as you’ve been involved so far, we need your to help shape the next steps as we fulfil our Digital Strategy together. You can feed in your thoughts and comments to our Digital Campus Improvements Yammer group and we will answer and track all the feedback.

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