Department/Divisional staff survey action planning

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Throughout March, we ran the first University of Leicester Staff Survey, asking you to share your opinions about working here. 2,689 of you completed the survey.

It’s important that we act upon your feedback so following the sharing of department and division reports earlier this year, we can now share with you the accompanying action planning.

These documents highlight where colleagues have responded to feedback while showcasing good practice and showing plans for improvement.

What are the headlines?

Overall, the survey results show that overall 36 questions are better than the HEI benchmark and 49 are worse than the HEI benchmark. The following areas show the biggest differences above the HEI average and areas of good practice:

  • Participation in learning and development
  • Usefulness of appraisals
  • Facilities
  • Change at department/division level
  • Involving staff.

The following areas show the biggest differences which are worse than the HEI average and highlight where we need to make improvements:

  • Appraisals
  • Perception of ULT
  • Receiving information
  • Feeling valued by the University
  • Job security
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Line manager providing feedback and motivation.

What does this mean?

  • We have been highly rated in the ‘Employer of Choice’ scale, with a score of 3.22 (anything over 2.5 is considered ‘good’) and 86% of you feel the University is a good place to work, which is in line with the sector average.
  • Trust is a huge factor in enjoyment of your job, and a huge majority, 91% of you, felt you were trusted to get on with and do your job which in a large institution such as this is incredibly important.
  • You have highlighted some key areas that you feel need improvement which include communication and your wellbeing, and we are already taking action on these. Action on improving communication to you from the University itself and the Leadership team is already underway, you can read the action plan here, and we do have a plan for an overarching approach to staff wellbeing on the way.
  • Our appraisal completion rate is far too low. We are committed to every member of staff having an appraisal using the new personal development discussion format by the end of 2016.

The action planning you will see is reflective of this feedback and then personalised to your department/division.

Next steps

It is the actions we take collectively that will make the most difference. We would encourage the conversations and activity at department/division level to continue and shared with staff within those areas. We will also require some departments/divisions to act as role models.

Your continued support with turning this feedback into action is much appreciated. We will continue to update you regularly on the activity taking place.

You can also visit Yammer and get involved with further discussions in the staff survey groups there.

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