Congratulations to colleagues who have passed their ILM qualifications

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Colleagues from across the University celebrate passing their Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualifications.
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23 colleagues from all across our community gathered in the Belvoir Park Lounge on Thursday 21 September to be presented with their ILM certificates by Dave Hall, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer.

The ILM level 5 certificate and ILM 3 award in leadership and management are designed to equip managers, and aspiring managers, with the wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding needed to carry out their challenging roles. The ILM level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring is the hallmark of a highly-trained coach. Our colleagues receiving the ILM are the first members of the University’s recently-established coaching and mentoring academy.

Dave Hall, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer said:

“Due to our fast-moving and challenging external environment we need good decision making and sensible judgment throughout our University. The ILM leadership and management qualifications work towards achieving our vision by developing inspiring leaders and managers who can motivate colleagues and bring out the best in them.”

“We are delighted to recognise all the hard work and effort that has gone in to achieving these nationally recognised qualifications. We will now support all colleagues here today to develop their talents still further. ” added Leigh Casey, Associate Director of Organisational Development. "Our newly qualified coaches will join the University’s coaching and mentoring academy which aims to develop colleagues by helping them recognise and build on their unique strengths.”

Dave and Leigh went on to tell attendees about the new VITAL leadership programme, an exciting new opportunity designed for colleagues who are first line leaders in both academic areas and professional services. The target audience is colleagues between grades 6 and 8 and up to senior lecturer level, although this is not prescriptive.  Details of the programme will be made available in the next few weeks.

For further information on the VITAL leadership programme, please contact and for coaching and mentoring initiatives, please contact Lisa Hallam.

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