Please note: Changes to the teaching timetable

Posted by rmt22 at Aug 17, 2015 10:45 AM |
For this academic year we are making a small change to teaching timetables, but one which will affect all academic staff and students.

Teaching sessions have always started at five minutes past the hour and finished at five minutes to. This has, in the past, caused some confusion and difficulty, firstly because timetables display on the hour times, secondly because meetings tend to start on the hour and finally, because our room booking system works by the hour.

Therefore, after consultation with timetable co-ordinators we have decided to bring in a new model this year where teaching begins on the hour, and finishes at ten minutes to. This change is being introduced to reduce confusion, and help academic staff to attend meetings more easily.

The new guidance has already been sent to timetable co-ordinators, who are asking staff to consider any amendments that need making to module guides or inductions which may include timetable information, and the timetabling webpage has been updated to show the change.

Please will you help us in communicating this change as widely as possible. We will be contacting students via their University email nearer to the start of term but wish to alert all staff now so we can begin disseminating the message to all concerned. Thank you for your support.

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