Changes to off-campus access to X Drive

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From Thursday 7 June 2018, remote access to the Shared Departmental X: drive using MyFiles will no longer be possible as we work to conform to new GDPR rules.

This change is necessary to ensure sensitive information e.g. HR and Student related records, which are stored there, are not at risk of an information breach.

You will continue to be able to use MyFiles to access your Personal Z: and the Research R: drive. In addition, University committee folders will also continue to be available through MyFiles. Access to the X: drive will still be available using the University Remote Access (VPN) on University laptops (Windows only).


In 2017, KPMG undertook an Information Assurance audit for our University which looked at the processes for handling and managing personal and sensitive HR records. This audit found there was a high risk of a breach of these records where they were stored on Departmental Shared X: drive because they are accessible remotely and on personally owned devices using MyFiles.

The auditors recommended that this type of access to the X: drive should be disabled to manage this risk appropriately and in light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect. This recommendation was accepted by audit committee and we are implementing this on Thursday 7 June 2018.

Once GDPR comes in after Friday 25 May 2018, serious data breaches have to be reported to the Office of the Information Commissioner within 72 hours.  The maximum fine under the current Data Protection Act is £500,000.  This will increase under GDPR to 20 million Euros

How can I continue to access the X: drive remotely?

You can access the X: drive using the VPN on University laptops (Windows only) provided you have not requested local admin rights. If you have a University laptop and do not have VPN access, you can contact the IT Service Desk to request it.

What other options do I have to work collaboratively?

You can use OneDrive and Team Collaboration Spaces in Office 365, to work together on files online whether you are on or off campus. You must make sure you read the information you are storing is not classified as highly restricted as outlined in the university's data classification model as this type of information must not be stored on these services.

Need IT help?

Find out more about IT Services including training and help at or contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253.

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