Changes to access at Brookfield

Posted by rmt22 at May 23, 2018 02:12 PM |
Following the start of work at the Brookfield campus, you can no longer access the site from London Road.

Due to the start of work to create a new home for our School of Business at the Brookfield Campus, restricted access begins from Thursday 24 May with no vehicle or pedestrian access to Brookfield PGTC via the driveway from London Road.

There will also be no access via the door into the social area leading from the car park and Mallard. Access will now be via the side entrance closest to Heron House, entering Brookfield via Holmfield Drive. Additional signage will be put in place.

Please note that there is no further teaching planned within the building and the only use for the seminar rooms is via either Estates or Finance.

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