Carer’s Conference and Training Fund

Posted by ep273 at Aug 07, 2018 01:18 PM |
This fund aims to help those who face difficulties attending external events and conferences.

It has been identified that attendance at external conferences and events and training can pose difficulties for those with caring responsibilities. With this in mind, a fund has been identified so that those with caring responsibilities can apply for a small budget (£100 maximum). This can fund, for example: additional childcare costs incurred by attending an external training event (which impacts their usual caring responsibilities); contribution to the additional cost of a partner/relative and child joining a member of staff at a conference to provide childcare support.

The funds aims are to:

  • Assist those unable to attend external training and conferences due to carer commitments which will require additional financial support
  • Enable continued attendance at external training and conferences which may prove difficult with caring responsibilities
  • Assist staff to sustain effective networking opportunities outside the university
  • Support staff with caring responsibilities to continue interaction, networking and collaboration at a national and (where funds allow) an international level

To find out more information about the fund, including how to apply, please look on the webpage.

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