Campaigning for Students’ Union Full-Time Officers begins today.

Posted by crm28 at Feb 20, 2017 11:47 AM |
The Students’ Union’s campaigning period runs from Monday 20 February to the close of voting on Friday 24 February.

The Students’ Union Executive Board consists of five full-time Executive Officers who are also known as Sabbatical Officers or ‘Sabbs’. Executive Officers exist to represent students and shape the direction of the Students’ Union, ensuring that both the Union and University are working together to do all they can to maximise the student experience.

All votes for the Executive Officer elections are cast online between Wednesday 22 February and Friday 24 February.

The positions of President, Education Officer, Sports Officer, Wellbeing Officer and Activities Officer are all up for election and the successful candidates will take up their positions at the beginning of the next academic year. Staff should be mindful of the stresses which standing for election can cause nominees and also be aware that any projects which are being carried out in collaboration with incumbent Executive Officers will have to be transferred to the new officers once they are instated.

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