Call for applications for UoA leads

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Unit of Assessment (UoA) leads and deputies to drive REF2021 preparations

As part of the University’s preparations for REF2021, we are inviting applications and nominations for the role of Unit of Assessment Lead and deputy for each UoA.

The UoA leads and deputies will play a vital role in driving and delivering the University’s REF submission, influencing the University’s preparations, shaping optimal submissions for each UoA and ultimately having a significant effect on the University’s results in REF2021.

Key responsibilities of the roles will include:

  • Taking ownership and responsibility, individually and jointly with other UoA leads, for a specific UoA and related UoAs.
  • Considering the widest available staff pool for the UoA, beyond a specific department or College.
  • Optimising the UoA submission and that of related UoAs by working to mitigate weaknesses and to highlight strengths across all aspects of the submission.
  • Ensuring that outputs undergo rigorous review, internally and externally in order to assess quality prior to inclusion for REF.
  • Leading on REF communications within departments represented in the UoA

Either the UoA Leads or deputy will be expected to attend meetings of the UoA Leads Group, and to work closely with the RED-based REF team and local administrative staff. Carrying out the role successfully will involve significant time commitment and potential applicants should discuss their workload balance with their Head of Department before applying or being nominated.

To submit an application or to find out more information, please have a look at the webpage.

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