Are you making time for Yammer?

Posted by rmt22 at Oct 22, 2017 08:35 PM |
Because Yammer can make time for you.

Now, many of you will say, oh no, I don’t use it, I haven’t got time to check something else, it’s just loads of people selling stuff. Well, yes, it does have a for sale group. And a staff social group. But this ‘social’ network for the University is also a fantastic resource and collaborative space.

An average worker can spend around 28% of the week managing email and nearly 20% looking for information or tracking down colleagues to help with important tasks (source). A company who makes good use of an internal social network can make messages become their own content. This searchable record can reduce the time spent searching for company information by as much as 35%.

Our Yammer network is based on groups, you join the ones you want to see, and if there isn’t one there you can create it. There is a group holding all the notes from University Leadership Team events, a group explaining what we’re trying to achieve with the Digital Campus, a group where the Planning Office post their insights and a group where everyone can contribute to making the campus more biodiverse.

You can share your own insights or read others’, draw on the knowledge of your colleagues from across the institution. We’re also asking you for your feedback on a range of different areas on there, so this is also a chance to have your voice heard and make a difference at the University.

Just take the first step into Yammer, have a look at the introductory guidelines and get posting.

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