Voluntary severance scheme, including early retirements

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The University’s Financial Forecasts for 2010/11 provides for a programme of voluntary severances, including early retirements, as part of our Staffing Plans. This voluntary programme is targeted in support of the University’s strategic priorities. Decisions will be made following consideration of the extent to which individuals and their areas of work are aligned with these priorities.


Why is the University doing this?

There are four reasons for this initiative. It will: Consolidate our position as a research intensive institution, strengthening our position for the forthcoming REF. Support efficiencies brought about by the recent restructuring into Colleges and of Corporate Services. Maintain our financial performance at a time when HE funding is expected to be considerably reduced. Enable us to continue in our plans to invest in staffing, facilities and buildings.

Is this all about saving money?

Some resources will be saved. But reinvestment will also occur as we prepare for the REF. In achieving the objectives of the Staffing Plan, we will also be better placed to protect jobs in the future. The number of approved severance/early retirement cases will be limited as the University is not under immediate pressure to achieve a significant reduction of staff numbers and costs across the University.

Will there be compulsory redundancies?

We are committed to avoiding compulsory redundancies if at all possible.

How will this programme of Voluntary Severances, including Early Retirement work?

Discussions may be initiated by individual members of staff or by the University. In all cases, progression to severance is subject to mutual agreement between the University and the member of staff concerned.
Following confidential discussions and agreement from the individual member of staff that he/she wishes to proceed, the Department and College concerned will review the application before making a recommendation to the Early Retirement Group who will make the decision to approve or refuse the application.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

The scheme does not impose any restrictions on who can apply however, decisions about which applications will be accepted will be determined by the strategic and financial interests of the University as set out in the reasons for introducing the scheme earlier in these FAQs.

Why might applications for voluntary severance/early retirement be refused?

Where cases do not meet the objectives of the scheme, as set out earlier in the document, requests will be refused - for example, where the improvements to the Department are insufficient to justify the severance costs.

How can I apply? Is there a deadline?

If you would like to be considered for voluntary severance or early retirement, you should contact your HR Business Partner to arrange an initial and confidential discussion. Initial enquiries should be made as soon as possible but no later than 29 October 2010.

Who do I contact to initiate discussions?

You should contact your College/Divisional Human Resources Business Partner: -





College of Arts, Humanities and Law

Jane Wild


223 1084

College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology

Margaret Crawford



College of Science and Engineering

Debra Herbert



College of Social Science

Mhairi Fitzpatrick



Corporate Services, Trading (eg. Residential and Catering) and Library

Mhairi Fitzpatrick



Corporate Services, Non-trading (eg. Finance, IT Services)

Debra Herbert




How would my pension be affected?

As each individual’s circumstances are different, you should talk to your HR Business Partner who will be in a position to arrange for the necessary calculations to be done. We should not expect anyone to take a decision on severance or early retirement without a full assessment of their pension situation.

What are the terms of the scheme?

Lump sum severance payments may apply to all categories of staff, whether a pension is immediately payable or not. Payments are based on age and length of continuous service at the University. Under current legislation, severance payments may be paid tax free up to £30,000.

In early retirement cases, severance terms may take the form of University funded enhancements to pension.

Who will make the final decision?

Individual cases will be considered for approval by the Early Retirement Group which consists of the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Resources), the Registrar and Secretary; The Director of Finance, and the Director of Human Resources.

When would I know the outcome?

We hope to advise staff of the outcome of confirmed applications by 17 December 2010. For Approved applications, leaving dates will normally be agreed to take place between 31 December 2010 and 31 July 2011.

Who has been consulted in the development of these plans?

The 2010-11 staffing plans have been discussed with Trade Union representatives within the Combined Joint Consultative Committee (CJCC).

I am considering my position under this severance scheme - how do I find out more?

Further and more detailed information is provided within the accompanying document, “Severance Arrangements and Terms”. Any further queries may be directed to your College/Divisional HR Business Partner (HRBP).

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