A welcome we can be proud of

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Our registry and student experience teams have been working hard to make sure that our new students get the best possible welcome to the University.

We know that first impressions count, and the first impression of a University, when students are going through a time of great transition – leaving home for the first time, learning to live on their own, meeting new people and studying new subjects – is absolutely vital.

We asked our soon-to-arrive students how they felt about coming to Leicester. Nervous, excited and overwhelmed were just some of the words they used. Our student experience team have therefore been working hard to ensure that all our new students, no matter where they are from, their age or the experience they have, feel positive, supported and prepared for what’s ahead.

The Welcome Pack

We have always sent communications to students to mark their acceptance into university. In the past this has meant bombarding them with far more information than they could possibly read or absorb! We wanted to ensure that this time they get the information that is most useful to them as they start their journey. After condensing last year’s welcome pack, we have worked to make them even more concise and appropriate – and every student will have received one before they start.

The Welcome Phone Call

At the start of September, 16 of our students called more than 2,000 of our new students to welcome them to the university and give them the chance to ask questions before they arrive. Where possible, the callers were studying the same or a similar course. This proved a huge success, with one phone call lasting almost an hour, with the new student completing their university shopping whilst on the phone!

Welcome Fortnight

Early arrivals and international welcome week runs from the 18 September, with welcome week starting on the 25 September. Some changes for this year include:

  • An international welcome dinner on 22 September, with students invited to wear cultural dress. Tables will be hosted by current international students and members of staff, and will mix students from different countries.
  • A reordering of events in Welcome Week to avoid overwhelming students, with a focus on finding your feet and academic induction at the beginning of the week, with fresh fayre and social activities being introduced later on.

New Induction

Academic departments (excluding medicine due to the specific nature of the courses) will be introducing a new approach to induction supported by standardised communications and a new student notebook.

Your Course: introducing the course and modules through taster lectures or sessions

Your Transition: aiding the move from school/college/work into academia and outlining what students can expect from us and what we expect from them

Your Progression: introducing marking, assessment and feedback

Your Success: introducing the Leicester Award and helping students enhance their experience

The new approach is already working

Students have already praised this new approach, with feedback being overwhelmingly positive so far. Jennifer Gassowski who will be studying Law LLB, said: “I very much look forward to arriving in Leicester and starting at the university. Everyone is so helpful and I never feel overwhelmed or lost in this process. I truly appreciate the time and energy that everyone spends to make the student experience that much more enjoyable.”

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