‘My Timetable’ to be removed from MyStudentRecord

Posted by rmt22 at Aug 09, 2019 11:15 AM |
‘My Timetable’ will be removed from MyStudentRecord shortly. The specific date that it will be removed, will be circulated in due course.

Why is ‘My Timetable’ being removed?

Timetabling at the University has gone through a period of change. In previous years, students have been able to access multiple copies of their calendar (one of which was in MSR). These have displayed different information at different times, which had the potential to cause a lot of confusion, and therefore impact on the student experience.

From the start of term (2019/20), the Personalised Calendar Services project will provide students and teaching staff with a single calendar, which can be viewed on various platforms:

  • Microsoft Outlook on your mobile device
  • Microsoft Outlook on your personal PC or Mac
  • University portal webmail.le.ac.uk
  • A University managed PC on campus
  • The MyUoL app (students only)

The move toward a single calendar ensures that students and academic staff are viewing a correct and up to date copy of their timetable.

To find out more, we would recommend attending one of our 2019/20 personalised timetable briefings. You can register to attend one of the sessions here.

If you have any further queries, please contact the Timetabling Team at timetabling@le.ac.uk.

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