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ULAS publishes a series of very successful 'popular' archaeology books on a variety of subjects.

Hoards, Hounds and Helmets popular editionHoards, Hounds and Helmets: The story of the Hallaton Treasure

Vicki Score

The Hallaton hoards are among the most spectacular and important archaeological discoveries ever made in the East Midlands. They have completely rewritten our understanding of relations between Iron Age Britain and the Roman world in the period just before and after the Conquest in the first century AD and provide a new model for  understanding other deposits of metalwork and coins from across late Iron Age Europe.

Read this fascinating account of the discovery.

Price: £8.95, available here


Richard III The King under the Car ParkRichard III: The King under the Car Park

Mathew Morris & Richard Buckley

Against all odds, in August 2012 a team of University of Leicester archaeologists discovered human remains buried beneath a Leicester car park. Following exhaustive scientific research, the University was able to announce that beyond reasonable doubt, these were those of Richard III who had been buried in the church of the Greyfriars in 1485 after his death at the Battle of Bosworth.

Read this fascinating account of the discovery by the team which carried out the work.

Price: £8.95, available here


Visions of Ancient LeicesterVisions of Ancient Leicester

Mathew Morris, Richard Buckley & Mike Codd

How do excavations enable archaeologists to reconstruct Leicester’s Roman and medieval past? What can they tell us about over two thousand years of history beneath the city’s streets? Visions of Ancient Leicester contains a collection of paintings by artist Mike Codd which evocatively bring to life what it would have been like to live in Leicester between the 1st century BC and the 16th century AD. The artwork was commissioned by ULAS as a way of presenting what has been found on excavations beneath the Highcross Leicester Shopping Centre. This book explains how the results of the excavations can show us how people from the past went about their daily lives. From minting coins to shopping, from worshipping to death and burial, and from free education to brewing ale.

Price: £8.95, available here

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