Data management support

Research Data Management is not a single issue, it presents many challenges and raises many questions throughout the research lifecycle, from the moment an idea forms to the completion of research, publication, and subsequent use of findings to inform sharing of ideas and stimulate new research.

This website follows that lifecycle, providing advice and support, pointing to many internal and external resources. It aims to reflect the constantly changing research data context, to allow you as a researcher to dip into the site to easily find assistance as and when you need it.

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Support for Research Data Management (RDM)

This website offers support to:

  • Raise researcher awareness of issues around RDM
  • Prompt researchers to question practice and seek guidance
  • Provide new researchers with a learning resource
  • Coordinate resources available across the University
  • Point to external resources, support, and requirements, including those of research funders
  • Provide a single point to host information and focus RDM developments within the University
  • Prompt development of University and discipline specific knowledge and resources
  • Support the securing and continuation of research funding
  • Pose question and provide answers

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