Research Data Champions

A community of interest around research data and the challenges of research data management was established in January 2013.

What's the point?

The response to the challenges of research data management can only have limited success if it is either characterised by top-down instructions or is without co-ordination.  Whilst the Research Computing Management Group takes the institutional lead in this area it needs to work alongside a University-wide community of interest - champions, or beacon carriers.

Launch Event - 21 January 2013

Drivers for better management of research data

These were seen by Prof Kevin Schurer to include: 

  • the need for better use of existing resources
  • facing the "data deluge"
  • new avenues of research - data use, pooling, collectivity and collaboration
  • trends to provide more storage and storage which is easier to access and use do not imply, and may well work against improved data management.

Issues raised and discussion points:

  • what is data? (in relation to funder expectations, and discipline variability) 
  • expectations regarding management of the physical/non-digital
  • how to meet demands of sharing/providing access to dynamic data
  • bridging the gap between requirements which are in-project and long term (10+ years)
  • support for data management planning
  • green/gold publishing issues
  • how to frame an RDM support service
  • the purpose of this group of interested people 



  RDM at Leicester (PDF, 2,354KB) - Ian Rowlands, Jonathan Tedds, Andrew Burnham

 Best Practice in Research Data Management for Data Sharing (PDF, 383KB) - Veerle Van Den Eynden (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)

 Tackling Challenges in Research Data Management (PDF, 1,390KB) - Alex Ball (DCC/UKOLN, University of Bath)