Research data management service

Staff within IT Services and Library Research Services can provide guidance and support relating to research data and its management. They can point you to internal and external resources, talk over University and/or funder expectations/requirements, suggest contact with other researchers with similar issues etc.

For Research Data Management support contact

Staff from IT Services Academic and Library Research Services have been involved in a number of relevant research projects, for example helping to complete the ‘Technical Appendix’ of AHRC research bids.

IT Services Academic and Library Research Service staff have experience as researchers and continue to be involved in research projects, including as Principal Investigators, in areas as diverse as biomedical research software development, psychiatry outcomes, physics and astronomy, and attitudinal and behavioural aspects of information systems implementation.

The University IT strategy

The University IT Strategy 2011-2016 pdf (January 2012, R01.7) details how it will support both research data management and IT services (highlighted as appropriate through this website) with overall objectives to:

  • Help provide an environment that encourages leading researchers to choose Leicester as their place of work
  • Broadening the scope of services so as to meet a wider spectrum of IT and data management needs; particularly those of researchers

Specific elements of the Strategy include:

  • Enabling researchers to store large volumes of data securely and reach it from wherever they are – on campus or remotely
  • Sustaining our High Performance Computing service
  • Providing a new centrally managed personal computing service based on Linux
  • Offering a range of data discovery and analysis tools
  • Offering ‘research data management’ advisory and training services
  • Enabling the curation and preservation of digital information assets
  • Providing an Integrated Research Management System