Sharing data with collaborators

IT Services provide a range of services to support data sharing with collaborators, within and beyond the University.

What are my options for sharing data?

External IT accounts

IT Services recognises ‘collaborative worker’ (casual, hourly paid, fees based, employed by a Unit associated with the University or someone working with a University of Leicester member of staff) as having a direct association with the work of the University.  This means access may be granted to certain IT services through an External University IT Account.

FileDrop service

The FileDrop service enables sharing of data between University members and external collaborators. The service allows:

  • University members to upload data via a web browser to be downloaded by other university members, or non-members
  • Non-University members to upload data via a web browser to be downloaded by University members.

IT Services, FileDrop Service

Research file storage

How will others, including external collaborators, access the data?  The data on the system can be made available to anyone with an active University IT account. This can be requested through the IT Service Desk. IT Services, Research File Store

Wiki service

The Wiki service enables creation of documentation and information available via a web browser and easily editable by multiple researchers collaborating on a project.  The service is for use by academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate research students. IT Services, Wiki

Database hosting

Contact IT Services ( / 0116 252 2253)