Research publication and citation

Completing the research data cycle means others knowing about your work, through any of the potential formats of publication, you getting credit for it, and increasing the likelihood that you will receive funding for more work.

“There are few academics who are interested in doing research that simply has no influence on anyone else in academia or outside.”
(“Maximizing the impacts of your research: a handbook for social scientists”, LSE Public Policy Group)

“‘Publish or perish’ has become such a widespread academic axiom that it is tempting to think that everybody in the scholarly world must know, at some basic level, how to get published.  And yet I also know from numerous conversations with graduate students and with more senior faculty that  there are few subjects more prone to misunderstanding, confusion and general anxiety than that of book publication…”
(Richard Fisher, Cambridge University Press, in The Times Higher Education Supplement - “How to get published: A Guide for Academics”)