Finding resources

To find data resources you can ask your colleagues and mentors, or keep an eye on relevant email lists and journals, but you should also consult your local librarians early and often. Librarians can often point you to new information source(s) that you hadn't previous considered.

University Library support

The University Library provides services of particular relevance for researchers - broadly defined as any member of the University who undertakes academic research as all or a part of their role.

Departmental research data and materials

Many departments and groups don't have a centralised list of what data and resource(s) they already hold, so ask around for data of interest.  Your colleagues around the department may already have data and analyses that connect with your research interests and can help enhance or shape your own projects. In most cases, they will even be willing to share.

There may be a partial record of existing data sets and other research materials through old department newsletters, etc.  If there is no such record, consider starting one.  For most departments, a record of existing data, methods, or other research materials held within the department would be extremely useful.

This section of the website will be developed to include departmental and discipline-specific content from researchers at the University.