Research databases and websites

The University supports researchers, both to access research resources, and to create them.

Accessing resources

The University Library provides access to a range of databases and electronic resources once you have registered for a University IT account. 

Produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the MEDLINE database is widely recognized as the premier source for bibliographic and abstract coverage of biomedical literature. More than 9.5 million records from more than 3,900 journals are indexed.

IT support to create resources

The University provides “LAMP” as its preferred stack for hosting research software – where possible we run software applications in the most open source environment:

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache HTTP server
  • MySQL database software
  • PHP/Perl/Python programming languages.

In the Brisskit (Biomedical Research Infrastructure Software Service kit) project anonymised versions of patient sensitive databases are hosted for University researchers on a LAMP stack platform implemented by the University of Leicester IT Research Computing Service in a VMware environment.

IT Services also provide a Database Hosting service which provides location of new or relocation of existing databases to IT Services Hosting in order to provide stability and resilience.  This service aligns with the need for robust, secure central management of IT infrastructure and research data.

IT Services provide flexible support – whether you are an experienced and skilled user, and have very clear requirements, or whether you want to submit a research bid and need help to devise technical and data management options, and to complete a data management plan.  The Academic Liaison team are here to support this, work with you, and with a range of IT specialists.