Cancer Research UK - data and IT requirements

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UoL DMP Document - Non-RCUK

CRUK data and IT Requirements - Introduction and summary

Information correct as at July 2013.

Please refer to the full Non-RCUK data mangement planning guidance document.pdf

Please also refer to the University guide 'Introduction to Managing Research Data – For Researchers and Students'


Since 1 April 2009 all those seeking funding from CRUK have been required to comply with its Data Sharing and Preservation Policy.

CRUK Cancer Research UK regards it good research practice for all researchers to consider at the research proposal stage how they will manage and share the data they will generate. 

CRUK requires that applicants applying for funding provide a data management and sharing plan as part of their application.  This plan will be reviewed as part of the funding decision. 

Plans should address eight points:

  1. A description of the data
  2. Standards to be used
  3. Metadata
  4. Methods of sharing
  5. Timescale for release
  6. Preservation
  7. Data sharing agreements
  8. Restrictions on sharing.

Data Management and Sharing Plan
All applicants are required to submit a plan, which should cover the following:

  • The volume, type, content and format of the final dataset
  • The standards that will be utilised for data collection and management
  • The metadata, documentation or other supporting material that should accompany the data for it to be interpreted correctly
  • The method used to share data
  • The timescale for public release of data
  • The long-term preservation plan for the dataset
  • Whether a data sharing agreement will be required
  • Any reasons why there may be restrictions on data sharing, for example;
    • Development arrangements through Cancer Research Technology including intellectual property protection and commercialisation
    • Proprietary Data - restrictions due to collaborations with for profit organisations International policies governing the sharing of data collected outside of the UK
    • Confidentiality, ethical or consent issues that may arise with the use of data involving human subjects.

CRUK Data Sharing Guidelines
Data Sharing - It is the policy of Cancer Research UK that all data generated as a result of its funding be considered for sharing and made as widely and freely accessible as possible whilst safeguarding intellectual property, the privacy of patients and confidential data

Open Access
CRUK released an Open Access Policy in March 2007 requiring that publications are made freely available via PubMed Central (PMC).

It is a condition of funding that Cancer Research UK funded researchers deposit in the Europe PMC database an electronic copy of the author's final version of papers accepted for publication. This should happen as soon as possible and no later than 6 months after publication. This requirement applies to research supported in whole, or in part, by Cancer Research UK which is published from 1 June 2007.