Bid process support

Where to find help when you are making a bid

Research Support Office

The Research Support Office provides expert guidance and support to academics who are undertaking public sector, EU and charity funded research activity across all disciplines at the University.

The RSO also provide a toolbox of direct links to research resources including standard forms, the LUCRE costing system, the IRIS integrated research system, EU funding opportunities (UKRO), COS funding opportunities, research funding opportunities, and research code of conduct.

Enterprise and Business Development Office

The Enterprise and Business Development office (EBD) work closely with the Research Support Office, providing support for the University's knowledge exchange and commercial activities.

IT services

Academic Liaison provide support specifically for researchers going through the bid process.

Academic Liaison have supported a number of project bids by both helping to complete the AHRC Technical Appendix, advising on issues such as storage and data confidentiality implications, responding to peer review feedback, and by devising technical solutions to respond to the needs of the project. 

Your college/department

Your own college and department is a vital source of information, support and guidance.  There are many Departmental Research web pages

Research groups, centres and projects

University index of Research Groups, Centres and Projects